About the Artist

 My name is Emma Louise Grekul and I’m from rural Alberta. I’m a dedicated artist and lino printmaker, mainly inspired by the plants and wildlife I see at home and in the US. I love native plants, and try to capture their beauty and individuality in my prints. I also enjoy drawing animals and trying to portray their unique personalities.

  I'm self-taught and on a mission to improve my skills as I pursue a career as an artist. I also enjoy working in a range of mediums, such as gouache, ink, and mixed media. 
   I'm a vendor at TIX on the Square Edmonton, and a member of People of Print.

  My process: I find and photograph my subject, or draw it from life. I then draw iterations until I find a good composition. I trace my drawing onto the linoleum, and carve out the image. I then roll it with ink, center a piece of paper on the block and run it through my vintage bookbinding press. Once the prints are dry I sign and title them.